Booth Options

We have improved the layout of the 2020 exhibit hall and are now offering more options to suit varying needs and budgets. 

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All booths include

¨ Back wall drape with booth identification sign. 

¨ Free Wi-fi.

¨ Access to the general sessions and breakout educational sessions.

¨ Conference materials, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

¨ Listing in the exhibitor guide and on the website.

¨ List of attendees with contact information (of those who consent).

¨ The opportunity to speak with approximately 800 people throughout the day.


Booths: 600 & 605

Approximately 25’x15’ and includes 3 tables, and 6 chairs, and located in a premium, high traffic area.

Fees:  Business: $800  |   Nonprofit $800

State/Federal N/A


 Booths: 107, 214, 314, 414

Approximately 16’ wide x 10’ deep and includes 2 tables, 4 chairs and located in a premium high traffic area at the end of an aisle adjacent to and facing the refreshment area.

 Fees:  Business: $625  |   Nonprofit $300

State/Federal N/A 


Booths: 601—604

Approximately 10’ wide x 8’ deep and includes 1 table, and 2 chairs, and located in a premium high traffic area adjacent to and facing the refreshment area.

Fees:  Business: $525  |   Nonprofit $200

State/Federal N/A  


Booths: 100-106; 200-213; 300-313; 400-4:13; 500-506

Approximately 10’ wide x 8’ deep and includes 1 table, and 2 chairs, and located in one of the aisles.

Fees:  Business: $425  |   Nonprofit $0

State/Federal $0

Electricity & Internet


Standard electrical (10amp, 1200 watts) are provided for an additional $75 and MUST be reserved in advance by June 1st. Late or onsite requests are not guaranteed to be accommodated. 


Wifi is provided at no cost to all exhibitors and participants. 


Contact Taylor Salvato

Direct: 603-573-3372 |  Email:

Download the full Exhibitor Prospectus


All exhibitors registering must comply with the terms below. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the information below, please contact the exhibit manager at 603-573-3372 or

Attendee Contact Information

Exhibitors will be provided with a list of attendees. For those attendees that granted permission, their contact information will also be provided. Exhibitor agrees not to distribute or sell any contact information obtained from the attendee or the attendee list.

Banners and Signs
Banners may be hung on the pipe and drape provided and must be within the confines of the reserved space. 

The application and contract for exhibit space, when properly executed by the exhibitor and accepted in writing by the Community Health Institute/JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc. (CHI/JSI), shall be considered a binding agreement between the parties.

Exhibitor Registration
The exhibitor’s badge allows admittance to the exhibit hall, to the general sessions and the breakout educational sessions. 

All badges for representatives who are registered in advance will be distributed on-site at Exhibitor Registration. All exhibitor representatives must be registered and must have a badge issued. Substitutions to originally registered representatives are allowable and must be registered at Exhibitor Registration at which time a badge will be created for that individual. Instructions on how to register will be emailed to the exhibitor contact(s) on file.

Fire Safety Regulations
No exhibitor shall use any flammable decorations or coverings, and all fabrics or other materials used shall be flameproof. Exhibitors shall not intentionally block any fire exits or aisles. 

Food Items
Distribution of food and beverage items is prohibited. Individually wrapped candies or mints or small packaged (1oz. or less) candies, nuts, dried fruit, etc. are permissible. If there is any question regarding an item, exhibitors should contact the Exhibit Manager at 603-573-3372 or If items being distributed are unacceptable, they be confiscated and will be returned to the exhibitor at the close of the exhibit hall. 

Giveaways & Raffles
Giveaways may be distributed from your exhibit booth. Exhibitors who wish to conduct a contest or raffle may do so. Contest, raffle, or drawing rules must be posted at their booth. 

Raffles will be announced at the afternoon refreshment break. 

Raffle winner’s names should be provided to Exhibitor Registration on the forms provided in your onsite packet by the specified time. 

Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring delivery to the winner(s).

Hotel and Parking
Facility name, address, and details will be provided once NH Governor & Council approves the facility contract. The facility will be located in Manchester, NH. 

Inability to Perform
If for any cause beyond the control of the NH Emergency Preparedness Conference Planning Committee (NHEPCPC), the CHI/JSI and/or the Facility – such as but not limited to, the destruction of the exhibit facilities by an act of God, the public enemy, authority of the law, fire, or other force of nature, the NHEPCPC, the CHI/JSI or the Facility is unable to comply with the terms of the of this agreement and deliver space allotted hereunder, the agreement shall be considered terminated and any payments made hereunder by the exhibitor shall be refunded to the exhibitor. 

Listing in the Conference Program
A list of exhibitors who apply for space by June 1st will be published in the Exhibitor Guide to be distributed at the conference. 

No Smoking Policy
Smoking is not permitted in the exhibit hall at any time during move-in, show hours, or move-out by exhibit personnel, exhibit suppliers, or conference attendees.

Photographing and Videotaping
Exhibitors may not photograph or video record any other company’s exhibit on the exhibit floor; any attendee without written permission; or any educational general or breakout session without the prior written permission of the presenters and the CHI/JSI. 

Payment & Refunds
Payment must be received by June 1st unless other arrangements have been made with the exhibit manager. Refunds will only be given if cancellation is made in writing before May 8th. No refunds will be granted after that deadline. Cancellations are subject to a $100 administrative fee. Nonprofits and Federal and State agencies will be billed $100 for cancellation after June 1st, or for failure to occupy reserved space. 

Booth assignments will not be confirmed until payment is received in full. 

Security and Liability
Each exhibitor must provide for the safeguarding of its goods, materials, equipment, and display at all times and at own expense. The exhibit hall is locked but not guarded during non-event hours. Neither the NHEPCPC, the CHI/JSI nor the Facility will be responsible for loss of any material or property of the exhibitor by or for any cause. 

The exhibitor is responsible for all damage to the exhibit hall, and for any and all claims and demands on account of any injury or death or damage to property occurring in or upon the exhibitor’s space or because of the acts of the exhibitor, exhibitor’s employees, servants, agents, licensees or contractors; and exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the NHEPCPC, the CHI/JSI and the Facility, from and against any and all liability and claims and demands which may arise from or be asserted in connection with the foregoing undertakings and responsibilities of the exhibitor. Neither the NHEPCPC, the CHI/JSI nor the Facility, their agents, servants, contractors, or employees, are liable for injuries to any person or for damage to property owned or controlled by the exhibitor, which claims for damages or injuries may be incident to or arise from or be in any way connected with the exhibitor’s occupation of display space or the acts or omissions of exhibitor’s agents, servants, contractors, or employees, except for claims for damage or injuries caused by or resulting from the negligence of the NHEPCPC, the CHI/JSI and the Facility and their respective agents, servants, and employees. Exhibitor acknowledges responsibility for obtaining insurance in such amounts deemed appropriate to comply with exhibitor’s obligations herein and for exhibitor’s own protection.

Shipping Instructions
Shipping information will be sent upon confirmed space to the contact person listed on the form. 

Space Assignment
Exhibit space is assigned at the discretion of the exhibit coordinator and NHEPCPC. Space assignment is also dependent on the date which this agreement is received, the availability of space, the amount of space requested, and any special needs of the exhibitor. 

Booth assignments will not be confirmed until payment is received in full. 

Specifications and Restrictions
Exhibitors shall be restricted to those acceptable by the NHEPCPC or CHI/JSI. Acceptable exhibitors are companies whose products or services must be relevant to mitigation, emergency preparedness, response and/or recovery and/or related products and/or services. 

Space is limited to the type of booth selected upon registration, and specifications outlined on page 3. State and Federal agencies and nonprofit organizations requesting additional square footage will be granted the additional space based on space availability only.

Exhibitor activities, personnel and equipment must be confined to allotted space. No loudspeakers or public address systems are permitted. Personnel, activities, lights or other equipment that may be annoying to adjacent exhibitors shall not be permitted. Small speakers connected to a computer, laptop, or television are allowed permitted volume is kept at a reasonable level as to not disturb adjacent exhibitors. 

Nothing shall be posted on, tacked, nailed, screwed or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floor, or other parts of the building or furniture. Lighting trusses or any equipment that must be secured to the ceiling is not permitted unless special arrangements have been made with Facility in which case the exhibitor will be responsible for all charges relating to such engineering and will be liable for any damages caused by such engineering. Anything in connection therewith necessary or proper for the protection of the building, equipment, or furniture will be at the expense of the exhibitor.

The exhibitor must surrender the occupied space in the same condition as it was at the time of the initial occupation. 

Unacceptable Exhibits
The exhibitor agrees not use any displays that the NHEPCPC and/or CHI/JSI determines, in its absolute discretion, will unreasonably endanger the person or property of the attendees or of exhibitors, are in bad taste, are liable to discredit or subject the NHEPCPC or CHI/JSI, or the State of New Hampshire, to criticism or legal liability, are inconsistent with the stated purposes of the conference and the interest and welfare of those in attendance, or violate the exhibit space regulations or any other provision of this contract. In the event the NHEPCPC or CHI/JSI determines at any time that any exhibit may or does violate this contract and the exhibitor is unable or unwilling to correct such violation, the CHI/JSI under direction of the NHEPCPC may terminate this agreement immediately and forbid erection of the exhibit or may remove or cause the exhibit to be removed at the exhibitor’s expense. 

The exhibitor hereby waives any claim for refund of the exhibit space or other damages arising out of such termination and/or exhibit removal. Any exhibitor who is uncertain as to whether an exhibit is in compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements should contact the exhibit manager at 603-573-3372.